Files with HTML extensions are not showing up in the WYSIWYG Document Manager


Troubleshooting step 1: 

Confirm following the steps below if the HTML file extension is added to the list of allowed file types to your website:

  • In the persona bar, Settings > Security > More tab > More Security Settings tab below More tab
  • At the end of this page, you'll find all allowed extensions written in a textarea called "Allowable File Extensions", check if the HTML extension is there. 
  • If it's not there, please make sure to add a comma and then the HTML extension at the end of the allowed file type list ( like this ",HTML")

Troubleshooting step 2: 

If you do have HTML added to the Allowable file extensions for the website you need to review the HTML Editor Manager configurations as below:

  • Go to Host > Advanced Settings > HTML Editor Manager
  • Click on 'everyone'
  • Expand Document Manager Settings
  • Check if any filters are applied (If there are filters applied you will need to add HTML)

Credits: Michael Ayoub




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