Is there a way to set the browser title bar with a suffix?

The customer wants to change the web page titles by adding a suffix at the end of the title, for example: 

Original: Test Title
New: Test Title - Company Name 


By default, you can add a suffix to a page title by editing your pages and adding the suffix to each page title from the page settings.

If you have a lot of pages, this would probably be better done through the database so you can handle a larger volume at once.

You could use the following SQL query after backing up your database in advance:

UPDATE Tabs SET Title = CONCAT(Title, ' - Additional information that you want') WHERE IsSystem = 0

For the example presented in this article, the query would look like this: 

UPDATE Tabs SET Title = CONCAT(Title, ' - Company Name') WHERE IsSystem = 0

Again I must note, please remember to take a backup of the database before running the above.


Credits: Radu Vaduva




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