Running the Installation Wizard


When a user first deploys their DNN environment and access their URL, they will be brought to the installation wizard. This wizard will configure the initial environment settings.






  1. Run the DNN Installation Wizard.
    1. Open your website ( or a URL you have defined in IIS in a browser.
    2. Under Administrative Information, enter the username, password, and email address for the host/superuser account to create. This account will have permissions for all websites created in this DNN installation.

      Note: Remember the host's username and password, which you will need to manage your websites.

    3. Under Website Information, enter the name, template, and language to use for the first website.
    4. Set the Database Information options.
      • Database Setup: Custom
      • Database Type: SQL Server/SQL Server Express Database
      • Server Name: You can use the default value (e.g. .\SQLExpress or The Server Name for your environment).
      • Database Name: Enter the name of the SQL database you created earlier.
      • Security: User-Defined
      • For Database Username/Password, enter the information for the SQL user you created earlier.
    5. Follow the prompts to the end of the wizard. 

      DNN Installation Wizard


  1. Test the installation by proceeding through the wizard until your home page is displayed,
  2. Log in with the username and password for the host account that was created.



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    Very informative, very challenging

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