Deleting Unauthorized Users through the Persona Bar


If you would like to delete Unauthorized users because there are hundreds of Unauthorized users that are waiting for approval, you can delete the users through the Persona Bar.



Note: Deletion only makes the account unavailable and revokes user-specific permissions. You must also remove the user from assigned roles to revoke role-based permissions.


To delete an unauthorized user through the Persona Bar UI:

  1. In the Persona Bar, navigate to Manage > Users.


  2. Search for the unauthorized user(s) you want to delete.

    1. Click the Show dropdown menu.

    2. Select Unauthorized to filter the results to display only the unauthorized user accounts.

    3. Browse the list for the user(s).


  3. Delete the user(s).

    1. For each user to delete, click the Options (ellipsis) icon.

    2. Select Delete User.


    3. (Optional) You can purge the deleted user(s) if you want to delete the user account and its associated information permanently.



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