Assign User to Multiple Roles

Assign a Single User to Multiple Roles

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An administrator account for the site. Administrators have full permissions to the specific site.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Manage > Users.
    Persona Bar > Manage > Users
  2. Search for the user account.
    • Use the Search Users textbox at the top to search by a user account field, such as First Name, Last Name, User Name, or Email Address.
    • Filter the displayed accounts by type, using the Show dropdown.

    User List > Search field and Show dropdown

  3. Click/Tap the User Roles icon for the user.

    User List > find the user > User Roles

  4. Add the role by name.
    1. Search for the role by typing its name.

      Type the role name in the field.

    2. (Optional) Check the Is Owner box to designate the user as the owner of the role.

      Designate the user as the owner of the role.

    3. Click/Tap +Add.
  5. (Optional) Hover over the role, then click/tap the calendar start and end icons for that role to define the date range when the user is assigned to the role.


Users added to a role immediately gain access to any modules or pages available to members of that role. The user might need to refresh their browser to view those modules and pages.



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