Module: Journal

Displays a list of activities related to a user or a group in reverse chronological order. Also enables the user to post an entry.

Journal module

Old entries cannot be edited, only deleted.

A user can submit an entry in their personal journal or in a group journal. Personal journal entries are separate from group journal entries; therefore, a user's personal journal entries are not included in the list of group items, even if the user contributes to the group.

The displayed entries are filtered based on the module settings, the page settings, and the user's role permissions. Example:
  • In the default user profile page, only the activities of the user are displayed.
  • In the default group page, the entries submitted to the group are displayed, but only the ones which the user has permissions to view.
Tip: In Evoq Engage, use the Activity Stream module, instead of the Journal.
  Package Category Product(s)
icon Journal None Platform Evoq Content Evoq Engage



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