Configure Connections to External Services

Configure Connections to External Service Providers

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  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Connectors.
    Persona Bar > Settings > Connectors
  2. Under Configure Connections, choose the service provider in the list and click/tap Connect or Edit.

    Configure Connections expanded tabs
  3. Provide the information required by the service provider.
    Tip: Some connectors can be configured further in the Advanced Settings dialog, if available. Simply click/tap Connect, then click/tap the gear icon for that connector.


    Connectors gear icon
    Provider Fields
    Amazon S3
    • Access Key ID
    • Secret Access Key

    How to get your Amazon S3 access key ID and secret.

    • Account Name
    • Account Key
    • Container. The type of data that you want to be synchronized with Azure.
      • backups
      • portals
      • wad-iis-logfiles (Azure logfiles)

    How to get your Azure account name and key.

    • Client ID
    • Client Secret

    How to get your Box client ID and secret.

    • Disqus Shortname
    • API Key

    How to get your Disqus shortname and API key. Disqus URL is Disqus Shortname; the Public Key is the API Key.

    • App Key
    • App Secret

    How to get your Dropbox app key and secret. Scroll down to "Where can I find my app key and secret?"

    • App ID
    • App Secret

    How to get your Facebook app ID and secret.

    Google Analytics
    • Tracking ID

    How to get your Google Analytics tracking ID.

    Click/tab the gear icon to create segmentation rules in Advanced Settings. For each rule,

    • Name and Value. The key-and-value pair that defines the criteria for the segmentation. Example: To create a segment that includes the activities of registered users only,
      • Set Name to Registered User.
      • Set Value to True.
    • Page. The pages whose associated activity to analyze.
    • Role. The roles whose associated activity to analyze.

    For more information, see How to Segment Your Visitors in Google Analytics Using Evoq and Set Up Site Search in Google Analytics.


    Google Analytics Advanced Settings
    • API Key
    • API Secret

    How to get your LinkedIn API key and secret.

    • API Key

    How to get your MailChimp API key.

    After saving the API Key, click/tab the gear icon to configure user and list associations in Advanced Settings.


    MailChimp Advanced Settings
    • Munchkin Account ID

    How to get your Marketo Munchkin account ID.

    • Optimizely Snippet

    How to get your Optimizely snippet.

    • API Key
    • API Secret

    How to get your Twitter API key and secret.

    • Zendesk URL
    • Agent Email
    • Agent Password

    How to create a ZenDesk agent.

    Click/tab the gear icon to select fields to track in Advanced Settings.

    • Select Additional Fields


    Zendesk Advanced Settings
  4. Click/tap Save.



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