Configure Social Groups

Configure the Social Groups Module

You need two pages for social groups.

Purpose Module View Mode Group View Page
to list the groups List the other page
to view a selected group's details View (not applicable)
Important: Both pages must grant the same permissions to users. Otherwise, users might not be able to join the group, for example.


  1. Go to the page containing the module to configure. Edit the page.
  2. (Recommended) Click/Tap the Autoconfigure button.

    Module Settings — Social Groups — Auto Configure

    Tip: Even if you plan to customize the settings, run the autoconfiguration first to initialize the settings.
  3. In the module's action menu bar, go to Manage (gear icon) > Settings.

    Manage action menu > Settings

  4. Go to the Group Module Settings tab.

    Module Settings — Social Groups

    Field Description
    Display User's Groups Only If checked, displays only the groups that the current user belongs to.
    Default Role Group The role group that is displayed by default.
    Module View Mode The mode for the current module instance.
    • List. Choose this setting for the page that lists the groups.
    • View. Choose this setting for the page that displays the details of the selected group.
    Group View Page The page that displays the details of the selected group.
    Important: In the target page, the Social Groups module instance must be configured with Module View Mode set to View.

    Group List Template
                                   Group View Template

    The custom HTML template used to display the group list or details. You can use the following tokens in the template:
    • [groupitem:GroupName]
    • [groupitem:GroupDescription]
    • [groupitem:PhotoURL]
    • [groupviewurl]

    Sort Field
                                   Sort List By

    Sorts the list based on the selected field.

    Sort Order
                                   Sort Direction

    Sorts the list in ascending or descending order.
    Group List Page Size The number of items to initially display, and the number of additional items to display when the Get More button is clicked/tapped.
    Enable Group Search If checked, provides case-insensitive search by group name.
    Group Creation Requires Approval If checked, a user with Moderators permissions or an administrator must approve new groups.



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