Using Extensions


A DNN extension can contain a module, a theme, or other components that extend the functionality of the DNN Platform.

In this article, you will learn where to get extension packages for DNN and how to install and manage them in your system.

Note: There are thousands of third-party modules and themes available from the DNN Store - extensions for sale (some developers provide versions that include the source code), open-source, and free extensions. You can also create your custom modules and themes.



  • DNN Platform
  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


You need a host/superuser account to be able to perform the steps outlined in this article. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.




To use an extension:

  1. Add the extension package to the DNN installation (requires host permissions).

  2. Set the installed extension as Premium and enable it for the websites that are authorized to use it (requires host permissions).

  3. Apply the extension to the site (requires administrator or host permissions). If the extension is a module, you can also set Deploy Module permissions to a role for members of that role to be able to add a module to a page.


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