Module: Publisher

Enables content managers to create articles, and allows users to view those articles.

Publisher module

Companion modules for the Publisher module

Companion modules are displayed automatically when the main module is added to a page and are configured separately.

  • Publisher Featured. Displays a list of articles that have the Featured property checked.
  • Publisher Search. Allows the user to search the list of articles and authors.
  • Publisher Author Filter. Filters the results by author.
  • Publisher Tags Filter. Filters the results by tag.
  • Publisher Social Share. Enables users to share articles in social media sites.
To display/hide companion module(s),
  • From the main module's action menu, go to Edit (pencil icon) > Add Companion Modules....
    Edit (pencil icon) action menu > Add Companion Modules...

  • Check/Uncheck the Visible on Page box for the companion module that you want to be displayed/hidden.

Note: The module displays only content items that were added to it, not content added to other module types, such as the Blogs module or the Journal module.
  Package Category Product(s)
icon Publisher None Evoq Content Evoq Engage



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