Restarting the upgrade process after a failed upgrade

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If there are any errors that arise during or after an upgrade regarding an incomplete installation, you may need to reinstall the resources once again. Running a reinstall of resources will force the application to rerun the upgrade process again.



  • Access to the DNN File structure



  1. Back up the site and the database.
  2. Download the following two files DotNetNuke.install.config.resources and install.aspx. Upload the two files in the Install folder in the DNN Root Directory.
    NOTE: Remember to delete the install.aspx file from your install folder after use.
  3. In a browser, go to http://<yourdomain>/install/install.aspx?mode=installresources
  4. Wait for the resource installation process to complete.



You can test the upgrade has completed without any errors:

  1. After the process completes, click the View Site button.
  2. Check if there are any upgrade errors by checking the DNN Logs located in SiteRoot/Portals/_default/Logs folder.




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