JWT Auth Handler

JWT Authentication Handler

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After the JWT Authentication Handler is installed in DNN, the web.config file is updated with a line similar to the following:

            <!-- other message handlers -->
            <add name="JWTAuth" type="Dnn.AuthServices.Jwt.Auth.JwtAuthMessageHandler, Dnn.AuthServices.Jwt" enabled="false" defaultInclude="false" forceSSL="true"/>
Parameter Allowed Values Description
name string Name of the authentication provider. Must be unique within the messageHandlers section.
enabled true or false If true, an instance of the provider is created and added to the chain of providers when the application starts. Otherwise, the provider is not instantiated.
defaultInclude true or false If true, the API controller uses the authentication type included in each Web API request by default; if false, the API controller uses the authentication type specified in its own DnnAuthorize attribute. Example: If the API controller’s attribute is set to [DnnAuthorize(AuthTypes = "JWT")], then the API controller will respond only to requests that use JWT authentication.
forceSSL true or false If true, SSL mode (HTTPS) is required for API requests; otherwise, all requests are accepted.
Important: To prevent unauthorized access to the site, enforce SSL so that tokens are treated the same way as cookies in a web request.



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