Editing Workflows


Users can edit workflows in DNN on top of the default workflows that currently exist. This article details on edit a custom workflow.







  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Workflow.


  2. In the list, hover over the workflow to edit then click the Edit (pencil) icon.

    Pencil icon to edit the workflow

  3. Manage the workflow states. 

    Workflow editing form

    • To add a state to the workflow, click the Add a State button then configure the workflow state.

    • To edit a custom state, click the state's Edit (pencil) icon in the Actions column then configure the workflow state.

    • To delete a custom state, click the state's Delete (X) icon in the Actions column.

    • To rearrange the order of the custom states, use the arrows in the Move column.

  4. Click Save.



You should be able to test that the workflow has been configured:

  1. Go to any page where this workflow has been set for.
  2. Publish the page.

You should see any changes that you've made through the workflow as you step through each state of the workflow.


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