Configure Gaming Actions

Configure Gaming Actions

  • Evoq Engage


A community manager account for the site. Community managers have access to community-related features and settings in Evoq Engage.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Gamification.
    Persona Bar > Settings > Gamification
  2. In the Actions tab, highlight the action to be edited, then click/tap the pencil icon under the Actions column.

    Gaming — Highlight and edit the action.

  3. Configure the action.

    Configure the action.

    Field Description
    Experience Points The number of experience points that a user earns after performing this action. Must be a positive number.
    Reputation Points The number of reputation points that a user earns after performing this action. Can be a positive or negative number.
    Maximum Times The number of times within Timeframe that a user can earn points for this action.
    Timeframe The most recent time interval within which Maximum Times is enforced.


Example: If Maximum Times is 2 and Timeframe is Daily, then the user can earn points for the first two times that the action is performed within the past 24 hours. On the third and subsequent times that the user performs the same action within the past 24 hours, points are not awarded.



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