Edit Badge

Edit Badge

  • Evoq Engage


A community manager account for the site. Community managers have access to community-related features and settings in Evoq Engage.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Gamification.
    Persona Bar > Settings > Gamification
  2. Highlight the badge to edit. Then Click/Tap the pencil icon under the Actions column.

    Gaming — Highlight and edit the item.

  3. Provide information about the badge.

    Edit Badge

    • Badge Tier. The category of the badge to indicate its desirability or the difficulty to obtain it.
    • Badge Banner. The image that represents the banner. This image is displayed in a user's profile, if the user has earned the badge.
  4. Choose one or more actions required to earn the badge.

    Score Actions

    1. Check one or more items under Available Actions, then click/tap the right-arrow icon to move them to the Selected Actions section.
    2. Update the Count for each selected action to indicate how many times the user must perform that action for this badge.
    3. (Optional) To deselect an action, check its box, then click/tap the left-arrow icon.
  5. Enter the Number of Days within which the user must perform all selected actions to earn the badge.

    Define Goals



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