Share in Social Media

Share a Content Item in Social Media

  • Evoq Engage


  • Microservices must be enabled for your site.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Content Library.
    Persona Bar > Content > Content Library
  2. Go to the Content tab.
  3. Search for the content item in the list.

    You can use the Search field, the Sort By, or the filters (Content Type, Status, and Dates).

    Sort, search, and filter UI

  4. Click/Tap the Share icon for the specific content item.

    Content tab > Share icon

  5. Click/Tap the icon for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

    Content tab > Share > social media icons

  6. Prepare and publish the post for publication.

    Content tab > Share > social media > prepare post

    1. Choose one or more profiles to use as the sender or poster.
      Note: Facebook pages cannot be used as profiles for posting.
    2. (Optional) Add a message and/or a URL link to include with the content item.
    3. (Optional) Schedule the publishing date and time for the post.

      If not specified, the post is published immediately.

    4. Post.



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