Troubleshooting: Mixed-Content Warnings When Using SSL Offloading


This article provides information on how to troubleshoot mixed-content warnings, such as:

  • Internet Explorer
    Only secure content is displayed.
  • Firefox
    Firefox has blocked content that isn't secure.
  • Chrome
    This page includes script from unauthenticated sources.



  • DNN Platform
  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


Root Cause

The warnings described above are possibly caused by a secured page (HTTPS), which contains unsecured links (HTTP) to some resources (images, scripts, etc.).



  1. Configure the SSL Offload Header Value as required by your load balancers.

  2. Go to the page to be edited.

  3. Go to Persona Bar > Edit.

  4. In the Edit Bar, click the Page Settings icon.

    Page Settings icon

  5. Go to Advanced > More.


  6. Under Security, enable Secure Connection.

    Security > Secure Connection

  7. If you see mixed-content errors whenever a pop-up modal is shown on the screen, you need to disable the pop-ups that are requesting HTTP. To do so, navigate to Settings > SQL Console and run the following query:

    UPDATE portalsettings 
    SET    settingvalue = 'False' 
    WHERE  settingname = 'EnablePopups' 


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