Add Event Type

Add an Event Type to Be Logged

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  • Evoq Content
  • Evoq Engage


  • A host / super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Manage > Admin Logs.
    Persona Bar > Manage > Admin Logs
  2. Go to the Log Settings tab.
    Log Settings
  3. Click/Tap + Add Log Setting.

  4. Turn on Logging to start logging the event type.

  5. Choose the values for the logging settings.

    Field Description
    Log Type The type of event being logged.
    Website The site where this event type will be logged. All to log this event type in all sites of the DNN installation.
    Keep Most Recent The maximum size of the log. If an event (of the selected Log Type) occurs when the log is already full, the oldest entry of the same type is pushed out to make room for the new.
  6. Configure the Email Notification Settings.

    1. Turn on Email Notification to enable email notification.
    2. Set up the frequency of the notices and the email address.

      An email is sent to the Mail To Address whenever the event exceeds the Occurrence Threshold. The timespan is reset after the email is set; e.g., if the threshold is set to 1 Occurrence in 1 Hour, the next hour starts when the email is sent.

  7. Save.


  • If the Log Type and Website combination doesn't exist, the entry is created.
  • If an existing entry has the same Log Type and the same Website, the existing entry is updated with the new settings.
  • If an existing entry has the same Log Type but a different Website, the entry is created.



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