Managing User Passwords


When managing User Passwords, you have a few options to whether change the password directly, force Password Change on the next login, or send a Password Reset Link.





  1. Go to Persona Bar > Manage > Users.

    Persona Bar > Manage > Users


  2. Search for the desired user account.
    • Use the Search Users textbox at the top to search by a user account field, such as First Name, Last Name, User Name, or Email Address.
    • Filter the displayed accounts by type, using the Show dropdown.


    User List > Search field and Show dropdown
  3. Click the ellipses icon for the desired user (1), then choose the desired password action (2).
    • Change Password - You can change the password for the user. If the site is configured with password rules (i.e., minimum length), the initial password you assign must obey those password rules.
    • Force Password Change - You can force the user to change their password at the next login. This action cannot be undone.
    • Send Password Reset Link - You can send the user a password reset link. The link is valid for 24 hours.
    User List > find the user > ellipses icon > Change Password / Force Password Change / Send Password Reset Link




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