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Update Your Site's Info

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  • An administrator account for the site. Administrators have full permissions to the specific site.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings.
    Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings
  2. Go to the Site Info tab.
    Site Info
  3. Update the field values.

    Site Settings > Site Info

    Field Description
    Site Title Used in the web browser's title bar and in the tooltip that appears when hovering over the site logo.
    Site Time Zone The default time zone used where dates are displayed, such as in blogs and community forums. Anonymous users see dates in the site time zone. Authenticated users (registered and logged in) see dates in the time zone specified in their profile preferences. Dates are internally stored in UTC/GMT.
    Copyright The copyright notice to display in all pages. You can use the token [year], which is replaced with the current year.
    Keywords Used by search engines to help index the site.
    Home Directory Not editable. The root folder where all files associated with the current site are stored.
    Site Logo and Favicon

    Select file box

    You can use one of the following methods to select the file:
    • Drag and drop the file to the box.
    • Select from the files in your site folder.
    • Upload a file.
    • Link to a file.
    Icon Set Icons used primarily for the module action menu to keep a consistent look-and-feel among modules from different sources.



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