Creating a User Account


DNN Evoq allows you to manually add users to your site. A user account can be given levels of access from basic viewing privileges all the way to administration based on what Role you place them in. This article will cover creating the user account. See Adding Users to a DNN Role for information on how to customize the user's level of access.







  1. In the Persona Bar, navigate to Manage > Users.



  2. Click Add User.

    Add User button


  3. Enter the user's information (please refer to the table below for the list of fields and their corresponding descriptions). 

    Add New User


    Field Description

    If enabled (On), the user is immediately subscribed to the Registered User role and to other roles that have Auto Assignment enabled.

    If disabled (Off), the user account is created but not authorized; an administrator must authorize the user account before the user can access areas of the website that are restricted to Registered User members.

    Random Password If enabled (On), a random password is generated by the system. Otherwise, you must provide a password.
    Password If the site is configured with password rules (e.g., minimum length), the initial password you assign must obey those password rules.
    Send an Email to New User    If checked, the user is notified by email that the account is created (this can be checked at a later time to send the email belatedly).
  4. Click Save.



The new user should be able to log on immediately. If you specified their password, you can log out with your own account and then log in using their credentials to ensure they are correct. There is no delay in creation, so you shouldn't need to wait to test.



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