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Site admins may need to link pages with asset files for downloading packages or redirect them to other pages. This article shares the process for site admins to relink pages with asset files or redirect them to external or internal URLs.    





Follow these steps to link a page:

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.


  2. Click the page name to modify a page

  3. Go to Details > Page Type.
  4. Choose from the following options to link the page as seen in the screenshot:
    • Existing: Links the page to an existing page. 
    • URL: Links the page to an external URL.
    • File: Links the page to an asset file.


  5. Add the URL of the existing page, external URL, or file asset as prompted after selecting the option in the previous step.
  6. Regardless of the page link type, configure the settings for the following options: 

    Field Description
    Permanent Redirect If enabled (On), the HTTP status code 301 is returned with the page to indicate that the redirect is permanent.
    Open Link In New Window If enabled (On), the page is displayed in a new browser window or tab.
    [Page] Name Required. Used in the navigation.
    Display in Menu If enabled, the page is included in the main navigation menu. If the page is not included in the navigation menu, you can still link to it using its URL.
    Enable Scheduling
    Use this option to publish pages for a certain time. This is useful for pages sharing limited-time offers. 


  7. Click Add Page.
  8. (Optional) Configure permissions as needed for the asset or page link.
  9. (Optional) Configure settings for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), secure connection, and cache provider, as required.




  • Access the page URL, it should direct users to the defined asset, external URL, or another existing page as assigned with the configured linking settings.  


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