Edit Date Range for Role Membership

Edit the Date Range for a Role Membership

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  • An administrator account for the site. Administrators have full permissions to the specific site.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Manage > Roles.
    Persona Bar > Manage > Roles
  2. Search for the role you want to act on.
    1. (Optional) Filter the list.
      • If you know the role's name, search for the role by typing its name in the search field.

        Search field for roles

      • If you know the role's group, expand the dropdown in the upper-left, and choose the role's group to filter the list.

        Filter list of roles by group

    2. Locate the role in the list.
  3. Click/Tap the Users in Role icon for the role.

  4. (Optional) Check the Send Email box to notify the user of changes to their role(s).

  5. Search for the user in the list.
  6. Hover over the username, then click/tap the calendar start and end icons for that user to define the date range when the user is assigned to the role.



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