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Redirects can be configured in DNN through the SEO section of the Persona Bar. This article details the settings you can configure for URL management.





  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > SEO.
    Persona Bar > Settings > SEO

  2. Go to the URL Management tab, and then the General Settings subtab.

    URL Management > General Settings
  3. Configure the URL redirects.

    URL Management > General Settings

    Field Description
    Redirect deleted, expired, disabled pages to The target page if a requested page is not found. Options: "404 Error" and "Site Home Page".
    Redirect to Friendly URLs If enabled, non-friendly URLs are redirected to the friendly version of the URL.
    Redirect Mixed Case URLs If enabled, URLs with mixed-case characters are redirected to the lowercase version of the URL.


  4. Save.



You should be able to test the settings that you configured by:

  1. Redirect deleted, expired, disabled pages to: Access a deleted page and see if it is redirected to the selected page
  2. Redirect to Friendly URLs: Try to access a non-friendly page URL.
  3. Redirect Mixed Case URLs: Try to access a mixed case version of the URL and see if it is redirected to a lower case version of the URL.



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