Module: Console

Generates a list of links to child pages, group activity, or a member list.

Console module

  • Pages Console. Creates dynamic site menus that display the child pages of any site page, using the page name as the link name and the page description as the tooltip.
    • The links can be configured to include a small or large icon. You can allow icons to expand or shrink as the containing page does, or you can set a minimum pixel width.
    • Links to child pages can be sorted in multiple ways.
    • The view can be simple (icon and page name only) or detailed (icon, page name, and page description, which can be a tooltip).
  • Groups Console. Displays group activity or a member list. Can be viewed by all site users, the social group owner, and/or group members. When a Social Group module is added to a page and one or more social groups are created, a Console module is automatically added to each group page. You can also set up the Social Group console on a different page, such as the site home page, to promote social groups on the site.
  • Profile Console. Displays a user's profile, list of friends, and other child pages of the user profile page. Can be viewed by all site users and/or friends, or just the user.

Found in the Admin Console and Host Console pages.

  Package Category Product(s)
icon Console Admin Platform Evoq Content Evoq Engage



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