Edit or Reset API Key

Edit or Reset the API Key

  • Evoq Engage


  • A host / super user account. Hosts have full permissions to all sites in the DNN instance.
  • Microservices must be enabled for your site.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Content Library.
    Persona Bar > Content > Content Library
  2. Go to the API Keys tab.
    API Keys
  3. Search for the API key in the list.

    API key list

  4. Click/Tap the pencil icon for the API key.

    API key list > pencil icon

  5. Update the properties of the API key.

    API key name and permissions

    1. Update a human-friendly name for the API key.
    2. Change the permissions associated with the API key.
      Note: An API key is associated with the content items of a specific site; i.e., the site that was current when the key was created.
    3. (Optional) To copy the API key to your clipboard, click/tap the Copy Key.
      Note: The Copy Key does the same thing as the clipboard icon in the list.
    4. (Optional) To reset the API key, click/tap the Reset Key.
      Warning: This action cannot be undone, whether other changes are saved or not. Reset Key immediately deletes the old key and replaces it with a new one. Third-party apps that use the old key will no longer be able to access your content items unless you provide them with the new key.
  6. Save.



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