Assets are broken with a 401 unauthorized error


When a user browses to a web site, all assets appear broken and a "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)" message is shown in the console.




  • Access to the DNN Web Server and IIS



Ensure that Anonymous Authentication is enabled and that the specified user account has access to the DNN site files:

  • Open IIS
  • Select your website and open "Authentication"
  • Select Anonymous Authentication. If currently disabled, click Enable on the right menu
  • Click Edit
  • Either
    • Select "Application pool identity" and ensure that IIS AppPool\<App Pool Name> has Full or Modify permissions over your DNN site folder
    • Select Specific user (the default is IUSR) and ensure that this user account has permissions to access your DNN site folder



After making the change, load your DNN site and confirm that the assets now load and the console errors have disappeared




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