Troubleshooting Email Token Issues In Password Reset Content


Users attempting to reset their passwords on one of their sites were receiving emails with the placeholder 'EMAIL_PASSWORD_REMINDER_BODY' instead of the actual token content. This issue was specific to one site and was not present on another site under the same DNN installation. Despite all sites being configured at the host level with the same SMTP settings, the problem persisted. The issue was traced to the site administrator's user account.


To resolve this issue, check that the administrator account is a user on the affected site and change the administrator user account for the affected site (portal) via the database with a valid account.


To do this, get the user ID of a valid administrator account for that portal.

  1. Navigate to Persona Bar > Roles
  2. Click on the user icon for the Administrator role and choose an appropriate user from the USERS IN ROLE list
  3. Navigate to Persona Bar > Users and search for the user you chose. Note down the username.

  4. Use this query to get the UserID of the administrator
select UserID from Users where Username = 'replace_this_with_username'


Next, edit the Portals table in the database and assign the user ID to the AdministratorId for the affected portal.


After making this adjustment, perform multiple tests across different email functionalities, including password resets and other email types, to ensure that the issue has been resolved. These tests confirm the stability and correctness of the email outputs.



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