Evoq 9.13.2 Release Notes


This release note details the product updates in Evoq 9.13.2. 



Evoq 9.13.2 was released on 2024, Feb 13th.


DNN Platform 9.13.2

Evoq 9.13.2 is based on DNN Platform 9.13.2. Please find the release notes of DNN Platform 9.13.2 from its public GitHub page.


Evoq 9.13.2

Evoq Basic

Evoq Basic 9.13.2 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.2.

  • Fixed an issue that kept rm items selected after changing folders
  • Added file open command to resource manager
  • Telerik fully removed from DNN 9.11.0 codebase, with upgrade paths for sites using Telerik-dependent modules and tools to assist in optional removal during or after upgrade.
  • Resolved an issue where admin users could not reset passwords when the option to use email addresses as usernames was enabled.
  • Enhanced Analytics API to only process compatible web data streams, preventing errors in the UI due to the presence of non-web data streams from Google Analytics

Evoq Content

Evoq Content 9.13.2 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.2 and Evoq Basic 9.13.2.


Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage 9.13.2 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.2, Evoq Basic 9.13.2, and Evoq Content 9.13.2.



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