Evoq 9.13.0 Release Notes


This release note details the product updates in Evoq 9.13.0. 



Evoq 9.13.0 was released on 2023, Dec 11th.


DNN Platform 9.13.0

Evoq 9.13.0 is based on DNN Platform 9.13.0. Please find the release notes of DNN Platform 9.13.0 from its public GitHub page.


Evoq 9.13.0

Evoq Basic

Evoq Basic 9.13.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.0.

  • Disabling unwanted cookies.
  • Creating users fails in Evoq 9.11.1.
  • Resource Manger is not applying the home folder setting.
  • Code injection possibility in dnnImageUpload.js.
  • File content validation does not work if the file extension of a malicious file is changed.
  • Relative URLs use wrong alias for directory sites.
  • User profile image missing in freshly installed Evoq 9.11 environment.
  • Email function to send admin logs returns 500 error even if SMTP is configured and tested to be working.
  • Password eeset email is not sent when use email address as username option is true.
  • It has taken too long to refresh the W3SVC counters, the stale counters are being used instead.

Evoq Content

Evoq Content 9.13.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.0 and Evoq Basic 9.13.0.


Evoq Engage

Evoq Engage 9.13.0 contains the above updates in DNN Platform 9.13.0, Evoq Basic 9.13.0, and Evoq Content 9.13.0.



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