Say Goodbye to Waiting: Meet DNN ATLAS, the Future of Customer Support

Elevate Your Experience to New Heights

The Goal: A Seamless, Efficient Support Experience

Imagine a world where 90% of your issues are addressed immediately, no waiting, no hassle. With our new AI-powered tool, that world is here. Say goodbye to waiting in queues and say hello to instant solutions.

What Makes It So Special?

Our state-of-the-art tool goes beyond mere automated responses. It interprets your intent, and can directly make changes on your behalf or guide you to the Knowledge Base (KB) article that provides the exact solution you need. We've designed this revolutionary tool to offer a quicker, more efficient customer experience, without the need for a human agent.


Skeptical? Don't Be

We understand that new technology can sometimes be intimidating. Rest assured, we've invested countless hours to make the tool as user-friendly and intelligent as possible. In fact, we're so confident that you'll find it so easy and effective that we are removing all other channels to contact our Support team.

We assure you, that this isn't about eliminating the human touch; it's about enhancing your support experience. Our AI is designed to handle the majority of queries swiftly, freeing up our human agents to focus on more complex issues that truly require their expertise.

What happens if I need Human assistance?

While our tool is mighty, there are some cases that still require the nuanced touch of a human agent, or you just might prefer to directly chat with an agent.

At any point, you can tell the AI: "I want to speak to an agent" and it will connect you immediately. Alternatively, this option is always available with the touch of a button after our AI has provided you with a solution to your problem.

How Do I Access This Marvel?

Getting started is as simple as signing in. The tool is integrated into our HelpCenter, just find this bubble at the bottom-right corner of our DNN Support HelpCenter.

What Can It Do?

You might wonder, "Can it handle my specific issue?"

Here are a few examples of what the AI tool can do for you:

  • It can quickly and efficiently retrieve information from our extensive Knowledgebase (of over 1400 support articles and guides) to procure a first answer really fast
  • It can peruse a body of over 35.000 past tickets looking for a more technical answer, if it finds a similar case from another customer
  • You can upload a screenshot of your issue, a PDF, or a log file, and the AI assistant will parse it and attempt to suggest a resolution based on the detected patterns
  • If you give it a bit more time, it can also scour the internet, particularly the DNN and EVOQ related, trusted sources, to attempt to provide you with another resolution path.
  • Of course, you can also request to speak to a live agent which will open up another chat window with a human
  • And create a support ticket for you to get some async help on the way too.

Soon it will also be able to:

  • Schedule a remote session with a representative
  • and more...


The Future is Here, and It's Waiting For You

Transform your customer support experience today. Dive in and discover just how smart our DNN Atlas tool really is.

Ready to experience the future of customer support? Sign in to our DNN Support HelpCenter today!



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